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Calming a crying baby is NOT instinctive but is a skill that CAN be learned.


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Calming a crying baby is NOT instinctive but is a skill that CAN be learned

"Can't thank you or say enough...sleep deprived mum, screaming baby, tearful exhausted mum (and dad)....then viv to the rescue...silence...happy baby.. BLISS thank you thank you thank you." Catherine
Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that you are unable to calm a crying new baby, especially for the mother, who is biologically wired to respond to her infants cries.

The feelings of stress (both physical and emotional) prompted by a crying baby can leave the whole family feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, and frustrated by their inability to soothe their little one. Many resources are available to help overcome and avoid the issues new parents are faced with, such as feeding problems, but parents of newborn babies that consistently cry often feel abandoned.


FACT - Half of all new babies cry and fuss for more than two hours a day..

I will teach you Dr Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby techniques that will soothe your babies cries, help to calm and settle them and enable them to sleep for longer periods.


I have successfully helped many families using this method to effectively calm their crying babies. Upon arrival in your home prior to the birth of your baby I will teach you the calming methods so you have them at your disposal when your baby arrives... or for home visits to families with fretful babies I provide immediate support as well as teaching you to calm your restless baby on an ongoing basis....

Just call me, Vivienne Rogan, Baby Calmer - one of only a few certified HB educators in The UK

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