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"It is tempting to think that someone who can calm a baby easily has a special gift.... but it has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with understanding why restless babies cry."

"Learn and practise these effective techniques you will then have the confidence to settle your baby."

Learning How to Calm Your Crying Baby

My classes teach new and expectant parents the simple effective and fun techniques to quickly soothe your crying baby.

Dr. Karp suggests that parents learn these techniques and watch the DVD they are given in the class prior to their baby's birth, they then have the calming techniques at their disposal as soon as their baby is born, this is the best case scenario, though the techniques are often only learnt when parents are desperate for help with their restless baby.

At the class you will be provided with hands-on training including the fourth trimester (the belief that many babies cry because they are born three months too early), the calming reflex and five simple techniques that will activate this reflex. These step by step techniques can help any parent become as skilled as the worlds best baby calmer and you will learn to soothe your baby in minutes and consequently feel rested,more able to function in feeding and caring for your baby and more successful in your parenting role.

Even the most restless babies can be soothed in minutes and this approach helps all babies sleep an extra one to two hours per night.

Baby Calming Class

Private Class (one to one) £120
Group class per couple (when available) £80

The class includes

happiest baby home visit to teach you HB techniques and help you settle your baby
making baby happy Happiest Baby on the Block DVD
soothing baby HB Soothing Sounds CD
calming baby Continuing phone or email support
baby calmer Class/information handouts
baby calmer Reduced rates for those in genuine need

Please note:

happiest baby Private classes will take place either at Vivienne's home in
  Wimbledon or at the client's home (travel time will be charged on top of the private consultation fee).
making baby happy All fees payable in full at time of booking
soothing baby 48 hours cancellation otherwise fees charged in full
calming baby Gift/baby shower vouchers available.

the technique of calming a crying baby
calming a restless baby
calming a crying baby

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