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Why do people turn to Viv Rogan, Baby Calmer and the Happiest Baby Technique?

"I was nervous enough being pregnant let alone the idea of having to deal with a newborn baby "all by myself".
As a shower gift a couple of friends gave me a happiest baby training session with Viv so that i would at least be aware of some calming techniques.
At the time it seemed perhaps the most unusual and dare i even say the most "dull' shower gift, but having learnt the calming methods that work and having been able to use them with great effect on my daughter , if i were asked now i would say this is THE BEST SHOWER GIFT you could give a pregnant woman."

"We recently welcomed our first son into the world and are completely smitten.
Our maternity nurse is brilliant... however it is slightly hard for our confidence that she can calm him instantly while we continue to struggle.
Some friends kindly passed on Viv's details and we invited her over to show us her baby calming techniques...and I am delighted to say they actually work and we are now becoming more confident every day (though we have had to persevere with our swaddling skills) and feel reassured that we will be able to cope when our maternity nurse leaves us.. Thanks Viv." E&L

"Can't thank you or say enough...sleep deprived mum, screaming baby, tearful exhausted mum (and dad)....then viv to the rescue...silence...happy baby.. BLISS thank you thank you thank you." Catherine

"My husband and I had watched the Happiest Baby DVD prior to the birth of our son and had thought it seemed easy enough to follow.
However, when Connor came along, we found ourselves getting in a muddle and so, felt that we would benefit from a face-to-face demonstration. We called Viv and were very pleased that she was able to pop round in person at such short notice.
She spent time talking and demonstrating the techniques to my husband and myself until we both felt confident with it , and we used the calming methods successfully for several months".

A happy baby, mum and dad after acting as doula

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We hadn't heard about the Happiest Baby Technique until some friends of ours had their baby boy.

Their boy always seemed really happy and content, so much so, that when we had our baby girl we called Viv to ask for some HB support.

Just talking with Viv on the phone we knew we had made the right decision and soon after she came to our home and showed us the techniques to use.

Viv has an amazing ability to put you at ease and give you the confidence and support needed in those first few months, particularly as first time parents. As a mum, it was great watching my husband doing the techniques with our daughter....he was almost showing off :) Michelle

"As Laith was my second baby, I was pretty confident that I could deal with any crying and unsettled behaviour myself. However, he was a very different baby to my daughter and in the first couple of weeks of his life I found it very difficult to deal with his 'colicky' behaviour. Indeed I found it overwhelming and didn't know what to do. 
I was lucky enough to have had Viv as my birth doula for Laith, and she had mentioned to me about the 'Happiest Baby' technique. I had also seen a DVD when my daughter was born, but had never really had the need to implement the techniques before. It was absolutely invaluable to be able to ring up Viv and ask her to come and show me the techniques in person. It worked like a charm with Laith, like somebody had turned off the crying switch! I was amazed at how quickly he settled and the length of time that he slept increased greatly too. So much so that he slept through the night at seven weeks old.
Laith was a much calmer baby as a result of the Happiest Baby method and Viv's expertise. I would definitely recommend anyone to give her a call so that she can come and help them too. I will certainly use the techniques and Viv's expertise if I have another baby! " Alice

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